Metal and Hell

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KAT / 1985-XX-XX


English version of "666".
Released by Pronit in 1986 on LP.
Released illegally by MMP in 1994 as MC.
Reissued in 1996 by Silverton with bonus tracks: "Noce Szatana" (03:45) and
"Ostatni Tabor" (03:07).
Reissued again in 2003 as digipack by Mystic.
Roman Kostrzewski: vocals
Ireneusz Loth: drums
Piotr Luczyk: guitar
Jacek Regulski: guitar
Tomasz Jaguś: bass, backing vocals
Katarzyna Kołodziej: backing vocals
Bartek Maciejowski: backing vocals
Recorded in TEATR STU, Studio (ZPR), Cracow, Oct.-Nov.'85
Engineered by: Jos Kloek and Piotr Brzeziński
Assisted by: Halina Jarczyk and Andrzej Solecki
Mixed by: Jos Kloek, assisted by: Piotr Brzeziński and Andrzej Solecki
Produced by: Jos Kloek
Lyrics by Roman Kostrzewski exept:
"Devil's Child" - Roman Kostrzewski, Robert "Lor"
"Metal and Hell", "Time of Revenge", "(You Got Me) vampire", "Devil's House,
part III" - Roman Kostrzewski, Tomasz Dziubiński

Metal and Hell的曲目列表

1. Metal and Hell 02:44
2. Killer 03:15
3. Time of Revenge 04:45
4. Devil's House, part I 04:44
5. (You Got Me) Vampire 03:10
6. Devil's Child 03:31
7. Black Hosts 03:24
8. Oracle 03:39
9. Devil's House, part III 03:39
10. 666 03:25
Total playing time 36:16

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