Goodbye, Killer

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Pernice Brothers / 2010-06-15


The last time the Pernice Brothers released an album, it was way back in 2006. But that’s all about to change shortly with the upcoming release of Goodbye, Killer, which you can sample right now. Over here on the band’s website, you can currently stream three new album tracks: “Bechamel,” “Something for You” and “Newport News.” And as an extra bonus, the band are letting us download “Jacqueline Susann” here. Yes, Joe Pernice and co. are one generous bunch. As previously reported by our news department, Goodbye, Killer is due out on June 15 via Ashmont Records.

Goodbye, Killer的曲目列表

01 Bechamel
02 Jacqueline Susann
03 We Love the Stage
04 Loving Kind, The
05 Something For You
06 Goodbye, Killer
07 Great Depression, The
08 Newport News
09 Fucking and Flowers
10 End of Faith, The

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