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Solarstone / 2010-06-22


“Solarstone’s new artist album will shake up expectations of what trance should be.”
DJ Magazine – March 2010 Touchstones are:
(1) The recognition of, or reference to, a visionary source of inspiration
(2) A standard by which others can be measured
In ways big and small, conscious or otherwise, inspiration happens to everyone, everyday of their lives. Musicians are perhaps intrinsically even more open to it. Lines thick, thin, straight and curved are drawn to productions that span back over many decades... In his own production work, identifying these inspirations, down to their smallest fraction is something that Solarstone (composer, producer, singer & DJ Richard Mowatt) has long been captivated by.
Touchstone, his new artist album, brings these inspirations out of the cortex and into the light, ‘musically mapping’, for the first time, an artist that has at every turn sought to redefine the word trance. As with every album ever produced, influences are there to be picked up on by the listener. On Touchstone though they are first illuminated, clarified and examined by the artist himself. Richard goes on to explain: "To me musical inspiration comes in many forms. It can be artists that I’ve fallen in love with wholesale and still venerate to this day, or simply fragments of music that made a lasting impression at arbitrary points in my life. 'Touchstone' is a culmination of all those inspirations."
Touchstone’s Microsite Hits The Web: Solarstone's brand new artist album 'Touchstone' will be released on June 28th 2010 on Solaris Recordings. Its dedicated microsite has just gone live and will be there in the run up to the release and beyond to keep you up to date with all the info-bursts. Featured on it over the next few weeks will be some incredible on-location mini-documentaries that take you behind the musical creation of ‘Touchstone’. There will also be some great free music downloads (on the site already is an exclusive, unreleased, don’t-miss mix of the new Solarstone single ‘Electric Love’) and amazing competitions (more about which below!). //
Send Touchstone Viral: In a wholly new cutting-edge fashion we want your portal's users to Participate in the album’s release! We have created a points = prizes feature on the website for registered users to help us spread word of ‘Touchstone’ around the worldwideweb. They can help us by embedding 'Touchstone' widgets on their social networking pages, forums & websites. The widgets enable people visiting their pages to listen to tracks from the album and then themselves get involved. They can recommend friends to join and every time your widget has a friend sign up or creates a sale, they automatically get points added to their account. And remember best of all: Points are going to equal some pretty incredible Prizes!


01 Is There Anyone Out There
02 Ultraviolet
03 Night Signals
04 Touchstone
05 Electric Love
06 Intravenous
07 Twisted Wing
08 Slowmotion
09 The Best Way To Make Your Dreams Come True Is To Wake Up
10 Zeitgeist
11 The Last Defeat (Part Two)
12 There's A Universe





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