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Kyle Patrick / 2010


Kyle Patrick(The click 5主唱)的solo album,在官方网站免费提供下载
This is my first creation as a solo artist. It is now available for download! The price will be pay-what-you-want -- including zero. You can pay any amount, or pay nothing. It is your choice. This music means the world to me, and I want you to have it.
I began these recordings in February of 2008 by tracking a few songs in a cathedral in Charleston, SC, two of which are on this album ("Second Nature" & "I Only Know How To Be In Love"), and then picked up in late 2009, continuing into early 2010 to finish all six. I originally looked at them as demos, something I wouldn't release, but by the encouragement and support of my family and friends, I'm releasing them to you.
Some of them are raw, especially "Light At The End Of The Tunnel." It was recorded live the moment I wrote it... on the internal mic in my mac laptop. Some of them are more produced, "Second Nature," for example, is the product of a 3 year layering process leading up to the Charleston recordings in 2008.
Mentally, the song that brought me to the final realization of this project is "Another Life." It's a song that, upon it's completion, I instantly felt and began working to write other songs that could join it, which led to "Take Me Home" and "Don't Think Twice." I moved to Brooklyn, NY in late 2009 and began recording these 3 songs on and off for 5 months. Finishing in February, 2010.
I do hope you enjoy and pass along to your friends, thanks for checking out my music!


1.Another Life 04:16
2.Don't Think Twice 03:34
3.Take Me Home 03:29
4.I Only Know How To Be In Love 03:01
5.Light At The End Of The Tunnel 01:48
6.Second Nature 03:47




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