Attack Of The Killer B-Sides

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A Day To Remember / 流行 / 2010


Attack of the Killer B-Sides", is a collection of songs either previously unreleased, or released on various compilations throughout the years. “B-Sides” features the holiday themed pop anthem - 'Right Where You Want Me To Be' available for the first time as well an acoustic version of ' Weekend' The Fray's "Over My Head (Cable Car)". The artwork depicts the vintage comic book illustration of “Mix-Tape Alien”, created by the famed Mike C. hardcore. Each seven-inch comes with a digital download of the songs and artwork. This limited edition seven-inch is available in three colors: clear white smoke, toxic green, and a Hot Topic exclusive pink.

Attack Of The Killer B-Sides的曲目列表

1. Right Where You Want Me To Be
2. Since U Been Gone
3. Another Song About The Weekend (Acoustic)
4. Over My Head (Cable Car)


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