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Tone Damli Aaberge / 流行 / 2009年03月30日


Tone Damli Aaberge (born April 12, 1988 is a Norwegian singer who finished second in Season 3 of the Idol (Norway). Tone is originally from Sogndal but now lives in Oslo.
In spring 2006 Tone celebrated her 18th birthday. She was topping the most sexy lists over the whole nation, and it was no secret that she loved boys, and that they absolutely loved her. After breaking up with her boyfriend in early 2005, rumours had been traveling about Tone's love life, but she revealed that she remained single. It was pretty quiet around her until autumn, when she joined the Norwegian TVprogram "Skal Vi Danse?", the Norwegian version of "Dancing with the Stars".She came in #3.
Her second album came out in March 2007. And so did her single "Fever".
Tone Damli Aaberge 出生于1988年4月12日,是位来自挪威的年轻女歌手。当她才17岁的时候,曾参加了2005年那届挪威偶像。可惜她在比赛中获得亚军,屈居于Jorun Stiansen之后。她是2009年欧洲电视网歌唱大赛里的总决赛选手,她演唱了一首"Butterflies",可惜最后也只得到亚军,屈居于Alexander Rybak之后。
她至今已发行了3张专辑,《Bliss》、《Sweet Fever》和《I Know》,并且《Bliss》和《I Know》两张专辑已经在挪威取得了金唱片销量

I Know的曲目列表

01. Still
02. Longshot
03. I Know
04. Here I Am (You Got Me)
05. Butterflies
06. Sooner or Later
07. Parachute
08. Then Comes You
09. Crawl
10. Let's Finish What We Started
11. Little Lies
12. Butterflies (Remix)

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