Promises, Promises (2010 Broadway Revival Cast)

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Various Artists / 2010-06-22

Promises, Promises (2010 Broadway Revival Cast)的曲目列表

1. Overture
2. Half As Big As Life
3. Grapes of Roth
4. Upstairs
5. You'll Think of Someone
6. It's Our Little Secret
7. I Say a Little Prayer
8. She Likes Basketball
9. Knowing When to Leave
10. Where Can You Take a Girl?
11. Wanting Things
12. Turkey Lurkey Time
13. A House Is Not a Home
14. A Fact Can Be a Beautiful Thing
15. Whoever You Are, I Love You
16. Christmas Day
17. A House Is Not a Home (Reprise)
18. A Young Pretty Girl Like You
19. I'll Never Fall In Love Again
20. Promises, Promises
21. I'll Never Fall In Love Again (Reprise)

Promises, Promises (2010 Broadway Revival Cast)的短评(6)

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