Love Supersedes LP

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Awon / 说唱 / 2010


After Working Together On 2008’s Beautiful Loser LP From Goon Trax Records MC Awon And Producer Kameleon Beats Decided It Was Time To Team Up Again. The Duo Envisioned A Project Reminiscent of The Pete Rock & CL Smooth or Guru (R.I.P.) & DJ Premier Partnerships That Garnered Much Acclaim In The 90’s.
With All of The Lackluster Music Out There, They Decided It Was Time To Move Things Forward While Staying True To Their Roots. Nostalgic Music Heads Long For The Golden Era of Hip Hop, But As Products of The Great Influencers, Awon And Kameleon Beats Plan To Reinvigorate The Game

Love Supersedes LP的曲目列表

01. Intro
02. Back With The Tracks
03. Never Say Never
04. Love Supersedes
05. For The Grimey
06. L.O.Z. [feat. Dicap]
07. The Spotlight [feat. FIV & The Gift]
08. Busy Dreaming
09. Spit It On [feat. Man J Raw & Mac Da Menace]
10. Audio Thearpy
11. Push
12. Crimes Of Passion
13. Believe In Us
14. Outro

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