The Dance

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Faithless / 2010-05-18


2010 release from the iconic British Electronic act. The Dance sees Maxi Jazz, Sister Bliss and Rollo reach the bar that their back-cat sets so high, and Maxi reckons it's 'chock-a-block with dance tunes which we hope will be the soundtrack to many Saturday nights for a while to come.' Faithless family member Dido lends her shimmering tones to 'Feeling Good'. Also getting in the vocal booth for tracks on the album are Dougy Mandagi (The Temper Trap), Itch (The King Blues) and classical singer Mia Maestro. First single 'Not Going Home' is a stadium-like club symphony, a seven minute sonic call-to-arms. Faithless' influence from being at the top of the pile for a decade and a half is easy to spot these days: think Calvin Harris' recent #1 or the countless tracks with a House groove, riff and rapper, Faithless' signature sound adopted by many, bettered by none. PIAS. 2010.

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Not Going Home


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