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Talkless / 电子 / 2010-02-08


SO::ON Dry FLOWER proudly presents 1st full album by Talkless Transparent-Paper-Memories.
Over the past year and a half, the band has matured and developed a clearer and more solid musical stance.
The album has lively atmosphere with more acoustic sound and simple tones. Songs are inspired from past memories of the band and the people around them, communicated with a sophisticated but uncomplicated language.
The series of 10 tracks is a well-balanced composition of experimental clicks and clacks created by objects that can be found in all around us.
Talkless was formed in 2007 by Goose’s guitarist Bancha Thearakit (Programming, Guitar etc) and
Wtanya Chanvitan (Vocals, Keyboard etc). Both Bancha (1981) and Wtanya (1985) have a background in architectural studies and met while they were studying in architecture school.
Bancha is currently a music producer and programmer while Wtanya is continuing in her architectural studies.
Their 1st mini album dot dot dot was released in 2007 and is slowly gaining popularity among Thai audience.
They were nominated for best new artist (Fat award) of 2008. The electronic duo are influenced by several electro-acoustic artists especially music from Scandinavia, creating a unique original combination of warm acoustic sounds with a digital glitch and sometimes very loud guitar sounds.
Their uniqueness is notable when Wtanya’s airy vocals sings to those sounds with Thai lyrics, making their music nothing but Talkless.


01.Story Book
02.Runaway Hamster
04.Cyudi Sui Remix
06.I'm Sick
07.Miss Holiday
09.My Scarlet Arms
10.The Last Breath
11.Sea Song





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