Nothing Hurts

7.4 65人评价

Male Bonding / 摇滚 / 2010-05-11


Emerging from the fertile D.I.Y. rock scene in Dalston, a gentrification-proof London neighborhood with ample “lo-fi” bands and Turkish restaurants, noise-pop trio Male Bonding plays fast. Nothing Hurts, the band’s first full-length, gets it done in half an hour, and most songs clock in at around two minutes. But, there’s much more to Male Bonding than high-speed, high-impact punk. If you will know their velocity, you will remember their melodies. Every song on Nothing Hurts, whether a clipped, snarling rock anthem (“All Things This Way,” “Crooked Scene,” “Pumpkin”) or something more foggy and contemplative (“Franklin,” “Worse to Come”), carries a hook that’s immediate and permanent. Nothing Hurts was recorded in the fall of 2009 in New York and mixed and mastered by Pete Lyman at Infrasonic Sound.

Nothing Hurts的曲目列表

1. Year's Not Long
2. All Things This Way
3. Your Contact
4. Weird Feelings
5. Franklin
6. Crooked Scene
7. T.U.F.F.
8. Nothing Remains
9. Nothing Used to Hurt
10. Pirate Key
11. Paradise Vendors
12. Pumpkin
13. Worse to Come (feat. Vivian Girls)

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