It's Time to Face the Doomsday

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Children of Technology / 2010-04-07


LP version released by Agipunk
# Limited to 1000 copies
# LPs come with metallic foil stamped jackets, printed inner sleeves and
two-sided posters
# Black vinyl limited to 800
# Nuke 'Em High edition limited to 200 copies with black and green splattered
clear vinyl, silver numbered OBI strip and insert with a band interview
MC version released by Terror From Hell
# Limited to 300 copies
# All copies come with pro-done nuclear green tapes and boxes with an
exclusive layout

It's Time to Face the Doomsday的曲目列表

1. New Enemies to Hunt
2. It's Time to Face the Doomsday
3. No Man's Land
4. Racing Through the Valley of Death
5. Nuclear Armed Dogs
6. No Fuel... No Hope!!!
7. Escape From the Danger Zone
8. Screams From the Earth

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