Fossils & Other Phantoms

7.5 30人评价

Peggy Sue / 2010-04-06


Peggy Sue comprise of Rosa Slade and Katy Young both London-born, Brighton-based frontwomen and they sing with a lilting sweetness that is wholly deceptive, belying the undercurrent of fury in their lyrics, the agitations of their music. Whether it's Young musing on duplicitous relationships (Watchman) or brooding on how she would spoon with an ex (The Shape We Made), or Slade struggling to forget the smell of a former lover by slinking downtown, where "I see your face in everyone", the two women appear horribly bruised by love. The pair combat melancholy with some startlingly abrasive, PJ Harvey-style guitars, giddy whirls of accordion, and a thrilling array of clattering, thundering, sharp and snappy percussion from their show-stealing drummer, Olly Joyce. Expect to see the acclaimed album feature in numerous end of year polls for 2010. Wichita.

Fossils & Other Phantoms的曲目列表

01 - Long Division Blues
02 - Yo Mama
03 - Read It In The Paper
04 - Green Grow The Rushes
05 - Watchman
06 - She Called
07 - Careless Talk
08 - The Remainder
09 - Matilda
10 - February Snow
11 - Fossils
12 - Shape We Made

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