Somewhere Down the Road

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Amy Grant / 流行 / 2010-03-30


Amy Grant returns with a plethora of NEW music ! Somewhere Down The Road is a unique album full of 6 brand new songs, 2 previously unreleased songs, a new recoding of a classic song "Arms Of Love", and rounded out with 3 of her best loved story-songs.

The theme for the album is stories & journeys. Amy has always been a great storyteller and many of her most impactful songs have come from her own journey as she sings about the honesty of life, it's joys and struggles, and ultimately the hope she has found in faith and love. The songs on Somewhere Down The Road read like journal entries that will resonate with anyone who grapples with wanting answers to life's toughest questions. Topics range from being honest with yourself & God (Better Than A Hallelujah), waiting for answers that come over time (Overnight), and learning to listen to people before `fixing' them (Come Into My World), resilience in the face of fear (Unafraid), walking in someone elses shoes (Third World Woman), assurance that you are not forgotten (Arms Of Love NEW RECORDING) and much more.

There is something for any Amy Grant fan on Somewhere Down The Road from brand new recordings, previously unreleased studio recordings, concert favorites that have never been released, and new versions of classic Amy songs.

Somewhere Down the Road的曲目列表

disc 2 [Expanded Edition]
01 Overnight (Dyna Mix) Amy Grant;Sarah Chapman
02 Overnight (Aircandy Mix) Amy Grant;Sarah Chapman
03 Turn, Turn, Turn
04 Better Than A Hallelujah (Ambient Mix)

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