The Explorer

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The Half Open Sky Gives Us Hope / 摇滚 / 2010-04-05


The Half Open Sky Gives Us Hope is the creation of one man and his computer in his South East London flat.
Taking influence from many genres of music, the tracks, full of lilting strings and powerful percussion sound like the soundtrack to an as yet unwritten film.
The debut album 'The Explorer' is out now on Team Fossil Records as a Limited Edition Digipak and as a digital download on iTunes and Amazon.
More details can be found at

The Explorer的曲目列表

1. Introduction 1:19
2. Wisdom Comes With Winters 6:31
3. Deus Ex Machina 5:29
4. Syntax Error 4:12
5. Searching Where The Sea Drowned The Sun 5:32
6. Truths As Rare As Cavorite 4:00
7. A Call To Arms 5:22
8. Cartography 4:53

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