Great Danger

6.3 23人评价

The Audition / 2010-03-16


Although the audition grew up amongst the brat pack of midwestern 'scene' bands from the last decade, they have surpassed their contemporaries in songwriting, story-telling and mesmerizing live shows. With three critically-acclaimed and addictive power-pop records in their arsenal, they continue to build their reputation as a powerhouse of talent. Great danger is the infectious next chapter in the audition's growing catalog. The album is loaded with strong, hooked-filled songs that would attract fans of all time low, paramore and jack's mannequin. Great danger also shows the band leaving the growing pains behind and becoming a major force in the world of popular rock music. For fans of: all time low, paramore, jack's mannequin

Great Danger的曲目列表

1. Let Me Know
2. The Art Of Living
3. You Ruined This
4. He Is What You Want
5. Ms. Crumby
6. Do You Remember?
7. Interlude
8. Honest Mistake
9. Runaway
10. Never Heard Again
11. Final Adventure
12. Stand Up And Fight (iTunes Bonus Track)

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