Nobody's Daughter

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Hole / 摇滚 / 2010-05-03


NOBODY'S DAUGHTER is the first album by Hole in more than a decade (since 1998's three-time Grammy-nominated Celebrity Skin). It also marks Courtney's first record since her solo album America's Sweetheart of 2004 (with "Mono" and "Hold On To Me," both songs co-written with Linda Perry, who co-wrote the bulk of that album's songs with Courtney).

Nobody's Daughter的曲目列表

1. Nobody’s Daughter
2. Skinny Little Bitch
3. Honey
4. Pacific Coast Highway
5. Samantha
6. Someone Else’s Bed
7. For Once in Your Life
8. Letter to God
9. Loser Dust
10. How Dirty Girls Get Clean
11. Never Go Hungry

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