Born And Thrown On A Hook

6.7 20人评价

Drink Up Buttercup / 2010-03-23


"Psychedelic without being cheesy, this band sounds like a sinister carnival." - NPR All Songs Considered
"Drink Up Buttercup, a quartet from Philadelphia that lunges joyously into every jangly chord and full-throated chorus... brought a smile to every face I could see, and the bashing on that garbage can lid couldn’t obscure some genuinely pretty and expressive harmonies." - The New York Times
"They have a spinning circus vibe and shout out loud tendency a la Arcade Fire (but in a very different, less emotionally heavy way). Musically, keys, melodica, drums, and guitars collide with three joyful voices howling. It's fun..." - Stereogum
“Lumbering drums, jangling shakers, electronic squiggles, and whimsical, ragged shouts accompany the strutting bass line and stomping guitar. It’s all just loose and playful enough to avoid coming across as overly nostalgic.” - Pitchfork
This album is amazing, buy it asap!

Born And Thrown On A Hook的曲目列表

1. Seasickness Pills
2. Animate The Hangtime
3. Young Ladies
4. Doggy Head
5. Even Think
6. Gods and Gentlemen
7. Lovers Play Dead
8. Who Spilled The Beaker
9. Heavy Hand
10. Pink Sunshine
12. Sosey and Dosey
13. Mr. Pie Eyes
14. Maestro Monsiour

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