Gorilla Manor

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Local Natives / 摇滚 / 2009-11-02


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I first heard about Local Natives via NewBandDaily. They seemed quite good, surprisingly mature, but they didn’t have any albums so i just left them at that. Well there is an album now and it’s pretty cool. They certainly do sound like Fleet Foxes timbre-wise, but there is no medieval touch to their music as in the latter case. On the contrary, Local Natives produce the kind of sound Grizzly Bear or Broken Social Scene could: juicy multilayered chamber pop that somehow sounds so fresh and modern every time. It takes a while to dig an album, but Gorilla Manor (i love the title) seems to be the one that hints at its potential almost instantly

Gorilla Manor的曲目列表

1. Wide Eyes
2. Airplanes
3. Sun Hands
4. World News
5. Shape Shifter
6. Camera Talk
7. Cards & Quarters
8. Warning Sign
9. Who Knows Who Cares
10. Cubism Dream
11. Stranger Things
12. Sticky Thread

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