Coup De Grace

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Treat / 摇滚 / 2010-04-06


TREAT is one of the most legendary bands of the Scandinavian Melodic Rock scene. With such records as Organized Crime; Scratch and Bite and the self titled release Treat in 1992 which to date is the last studio release from the band. Drummer Jamie Borger went on to play with Talisman and main songwriter and guitarist Anders Wickstrom went on to become a world renowned Songwriter for GOTTHARD, AGNES, N'SYNCH among others. The band reunited in 2006 releasing a BEST OF with 2 new songs and played on several festivals all over Europe.

Coup De Grace的曲目列表

1 Prelude - Coup de Grace
2 The War Is Over
3 All In
4 Paper Tiger
5 Roar
6 A Life to Die For
7 Tangled Up
8 Skies of Mongolia
9 Heaven Can Wait
10 I'm Not Runnin'
11 No Way Without You
12 We Own the Night
13 All for Love
14 Breathless

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