Black Tambourine

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Black Tambourine / 摇滚 / 2010-03-30


They released only a handful of songs their two-year lifetime, but Black Tambourine has been hugely influential in the world of indie music. Conceived as an explicitly pop band pop bands were pretty rare in America, they wore their influences on their sleeves: The Jesus and Mary Chain, of course, but also folks like Phil Spector, Smokey Robinson, Love, The Ramones, Shop Assistants, Pastels, 14 Iced Bears, Orange Juice and the list goes on... The band's dark, dreamy sound was consonant with the shoegaze sounds of the day, but the classic '60s-influenced songwriting gives their tunes a timeless appeal. Formed in 1989 as a side project by members of Whorl and Velocity Girl, they soon recruited Pam Berry as vocalist. Two singles quickly followed, along with a few compilation contributions. Alas, other obligations became more pressing and the band called it a day in 1991.

Black Tambourine的曲目列表

1. For Ex-Lovers Only
2. Black Car
3. Pack You Up
4. Can't Explain
5. I Was Wrong
6. Throw Aggi Off the Bridge
7. Drown
8. We Can't Be Friends
9. By Tomorrow
10. Pam's Tan
11. For Ex-Lovers Only (First Demo)
12. Throw Aggi Off The Bridge (First Demo)
13. Heartbeat
14. Lazy Heart
15. Tears of Joy
16. Dream Baby Dream

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