Who's Crazy?

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Ornette Coleman / 爵士 / 1983


1966年录音 Ornette Coleman:萨克斯/提琴/小号 Dave Izenzon:贝斯 Chales Moffett:鼓

Who's Crazy?的曲目列表

A1 January
A2 Sortie Le Coquard
A3 Dans La Neige
A4 The Changes
B1 Better Get Yourself Another Self
B2 The Duel, Two Psychic Lovers And Eating Time
C1 The Mis-Used Blues (The Lovers And The Alchemist)
C2 The Poet
D1 Wedding Day And Fuzz
D2 Fuzz, Feast, Breakout, European Echoes, Alone And The Arrest

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