Nothin' But Money

9.8 36人评价

Fly Nate Tha Banksta / 1996-08-06


This has to be in my top 5 San Francisco albums of all time! Fly Nate brings you those hustler, pimpin and pandering rhymes over the best G-Funk beats! This album was produced by Stan “G-Man” Keith, T.C. and The Enhancer and more!

Nothin' But Money的曲目列表

01. Intro
02. Tha Banksta
03. Frisconian
04. Nothin’ But The Money
05. 4 Fifty 5
06. Message To The Woodz
07. Bring The Flava
08. Fly Till I Die
09. Comin Up As A Youngsta
10. Life Of A Playa
11. We Get Wicked
12. For The G’s
13. What Should I Do
14. Kill a P.O.
15. Bay Area Hustlaz
16. Nothin But The Money
17. Tha Sniper
18. Banksta

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