Majesty And Decay

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Immolation / 摇滚 / 2010-03-09


Since the release of their debut album Dawn of Possession in `91, Immolation have been a driving force in the extreme metal scene that they helped define. Never a band to rely on their previous efforts, Immolation have continued to refine and hone their unique style and sound, creating some of the darkest and most adventurous death metal the scene has ever heard. With the release of Majesty and Decay, their first for Nuclear Blast, Immolation have not only once again surpassed their previous releases, but have also, without a doubt, created their strongest, best produced and most crushing album to date! If a band has ever gotten better with age, Immolation is the finest example

Majesty And Decay的曲目列表

1. Intro 01:19
2. The Purge 03:18
3. A Token of Malice 02:41
4. Majesty and Decay 04:29
5. Divine Code 03:38
6. In Human Form 04:04
7. A Glorious Epoch 04:37
8. Intro 02:04
9. A Thunderous Consequence 03:58
10. The Rapture of Ghosts 05:19
11. Power and Shame 03:44
12. The Comfort of Cowards 05:52
Total playing time 45:03

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