El Tourista

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Josh Rouse / 2010-03-09


"The highly anticipated album will be released Mar. 9, 2010 on Yep Roc and is the first from the singer-songwriter since the 2007 album Country Mouse City House.
The new album is a collection of songs drawing upon Spanish, Brazilian, and Cuban traditions. According to a written statement the album will consist of original songs about life in Spain (where the Nebraska-born Rouse now resides), as well as ’Cotton Eye Joe’ an American Civil War era song which he heard Nina Simone single, and additionally two songs associated with Bola de Nieve, dubbed ‘the Louis Armstrong of Cuba'."

El Tourista的曲目列表

1. Josh Rouse - Bienvenido (2:18)
2. Josh Rouse - Duerme, Mobila (4:11)
3. Josh Rouse - Lemon Tree (3:05)
4. Josh Rouse - Sweet Elaine (4:28)
5. Josh Rouse - Mesie Julian (2:37)
6. Josh Rouse - I Will Live On Islands (3:03)
7. Josh Rouse - Valencia (4:37)
8. Josh Rouse - Cotton Eyed Joe (3:58)
9. Josh Rouse - Las Voces (3:53)
10. Josh Rouse - Don't Act Tough (4:23)

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