Honoring to the minstrels


An Danzza / 2010


"Honoring to the minstrels" is an album of covers. Their songs vary from relaxing ballads to tunes that would inspire even the most cowardly person to battle. This album is an astonishing achievement in that it has no weak tracks. each piece is presented with conviction and thoughtfulness. An Danzza uses texture very well wiith rich and varying instrumentation.
With all of that, the music of "Honoring to the minstrels" remains surprisingly intimate and accessible, ever varying in form and instrumentation. Inspired melodies with lush accompaniments to evoke moods from celebration to sorrow, mystery to bold adventure.

Honoring to the minstrels的曲目列表

1 Tinta (FAUN) (REC)
2 Nana de lluvia (Carlos Nuñez) 4:33
3 Lover's heart (Silly Wizard) 5:06
4 The Mummer's Dance (Loreena McKennitt) 5:47
5 Play Minstrel play (Blackmore's Night) (REC)
6 Ocean Gypsy (Renaissance) 7:58
7 La danza de las mil tierras (Ñu) (REC)
8 (Unconfirmed song)(Amancio Prada) ---
9 (Unconfirmed song) ---


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