Uphill City Remixes & Collaborations

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I Am Robot and Proud / 电子 / 2010-03-16


Shaw-Han Liem, better known by the alias I Am Robot and Proud, is a Canadian indie electronic musician and video game designer from Toronto, Ontario. He has released albums under the labels Catmobile, Darla and & Records. He co-created the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita game Sound Shapes.

Uphill City Remixes & Collaborations的曲目列表

1. The Everything Machine, Pt. 1
2. Making a Case for Magic (Oorutaichi remix)
3. Train Station Lullaby (Lullatone remix)
4. Island Life (Dot Tape Dot remix)
5. 401 Circuit (Shugo Tokumaru remix)
6. The Build
7. Storm of the Century (Watchman remix)
8. Something to Write Home About (Montag remix)
9. The Everything Machine, Pt. 2.

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