Satellites & Sirens

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Satellites & Sirens / 2010-02-02


"Life, in general, is noise," says Geoff Hunker, lead singer and founder of Satellites & Sirens, a band on the brink of releasing its debut album on Word Records this spring. "We get up and we fill ourselves with so much stuff. And we busy ourselves so much that a lot of times we miss out on hearing what God’s direction is." It would be too easy to stereotype Hunker as one of those musician types who just love hearing themselves make abstractions—mainly because he actually has a handle on what he’s talking and, more importantly, singing about.
There is, after all, tension inherent in the amount of noise our culture makes: that noise can indeed be overwhelming and oppressive, but it can also be expressive of the human experience and, therefore, beautiful. S&S, which consists of Hunker, Jonathan Dimmel (drums), David Troyer (guitar), and Brandon Owens (bass/synth), embody that tension—both through their music and through their experience.
Album: Satellites & Sirens
Artist: Satellites & Sirens
Genre: Rock / Christian / Alternative
Release Date: 2010.02.02
Quality: 256Kbps / Normalrip

Satellites & Sirens的曲目列表

1. Breaking The Noise
2. Come On
3. Take Me Back
4. Anchor
5. Light The Night
6. All The Same
7. All We Need Is Sound
8. Escape
9. Vaudevillian
10. Hello, Don't Go

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