Truth on Tape

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Smile Smile / 2010-02-09


This boy-girl duo give me goosebumps with their lovesick punch. Two voices, drum machines, a guitar and a keyboard equal undeniable chemistry. It's emotional without being in-your-face - almost like you're eavesdropping on some pillow talk." –Quick DFW
"A sort of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah/Mazzy Star hybrid of sing-along folk, buzzy country-leaning tunes and uptempo / downtempo swings, with brilliantly unconventional songwriting and smart harmonies anchoring the whole deal." –Dallas Observer

Truth on Tape的曲目列表

01.Tempo Bledsoe
02.Beg You To Stay
04.Somebody Else
05.Truth On Tape
06.Move Along Folks…
07.Days Go By
08.The Attic
10.Goodbye Caroline
11.Labor Of Love

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