The Space That You`re In

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Maximilian Hecker / 2009年07月


“The Space That You're In“, the second single and definitely the poppiest track on his 5th album “One Day”shows Hecker in all his openness and sensitivity. The “New Hecker”, that's how he refers to himself, is finally free. Free to sing about his fulfilled and at the same time unfulfilled love for the Taiwanese superstar “Faith Yang”. “The Space That You're In“ is a song about the impossibility of a relationship, about insurmountable distances and the wonderful feeling of simply being in a room with the woman you desire. And it shows Maximilian Hecker as an artist in constant change: In “The Space That You're In“ Hecker discovers his full, deep and clear voice, accentuated by a harmonic band and some carefully inserted strings. This is Pop music at it’s best! But then all of a sudden: “This is a song about borderline personality disorder” (laughter in the audience)... “It’s incidentally the truth” (silence) The already legendary solo piano concert at FM4 brings us this extraordinary Maximilian Hecker b-side: “All These Cradles´ Blankets Will Never Veil My Whole Substance (Live Version)”. A wonderful song, big entertainment and yes, humor. Is that possible?

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The Space That You’re In
All These Cradles’ Blankets Will Never Veil My Whole Substance (live)


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