Shooting Star

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Pale Sunday / 2010


2010 CD EP from the Brazilian popsters. The title track is an infectious Pop hit with jangling guitars, an especially strong melody and nice harmonies. It's a catchy burst of summertime any time of the year. `Are You Scared To Get Happy?' proves the band has more than a few Shoegaze records in their record collection, layering in fuzzy Teenage Fanclub-esque guitar parts and building to a multilayered orchestral ending with strings and more harmonies. `Before I Found You' is shimmering Pop at its best with more jangling guitar goodness, perfect melodies, handclaps, and tambourines, while `Unknown Half' mixes multiple guitars with keyboards and other nice instrumentation to conclude the EP.

Shooting Star的曲目列表

Shooting Star
Are You Scared To Get Happy?
Before I Found You
Unknown Half


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