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Gui Boratto / 2010-02-08


To say GUI BORATTO is one of the most motivated and hardworking producers in dance music today would be an understatement. Beyond performing in every major country around the world in the past year in support of his 2009 sophomore album TAKE MY BREATH AWAY, he has remixed the likes of Goldfrapp, Adam Freeland, Pet Shop Boys and Moby and produced the forthcoming Bomb The Bass album. Now this brings us to his new mix CD for the esteemed RENAISSANCE label. This of which happens to feature the brand new music that you have the opportunity to own right here. AZZURRA was one of the highlight moments on his recent full length TAKE MY BREATH AWAY and has become an essential part of his live performances. He bumps up the bass adds a vocal chorus and teleports the original into a new stratosphere. TELECASTER is a dark and deep floor leveller - Gui's trademark bass pitch slides in and out of The Cure-ish guitar strums like a warm glove on a icy winter's day. THE GLAM is a rocket - elemental percussions play with a low end synth ride that rolls with a menacing delivery but certain to lay devastation on any dance floor. GUI BORATTO keeps on giving with these three brand new tunes - a true statement of the tremendous talent he continues to bring to KOMPAKT and a huge contribution to the RENAISSANCE mix CD series.


A1 - Azzurra (It’s Not The Same Version) 3:22
B1 - The Glam 5:14
B2 - Telecaster 5:57






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