We've All Been There

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Alex Band / 流行 / 2010-06-29


After 3 long years of carefully crafting each of the songs for my new solo album, I am finally able to share them with you! The official pre-release of my new album is here, released exclusively via rock and roll styled bracelets that I created with an awesome bracelet company. We call them Black Star Bracelets. Every Bracelet purchased comes with a free song download and cool VIP gifts that I created especially for you! There are 12 bracelets in all, each designed specifically for a particular song off my new solo album.
Your purchase makes a difference too. A portion of the sale of every bracelet is donated to my favorite charity, Donate Life. You can help save lives with every bracelet you buy.
If you go to www.blackstarbracelet.com, you can purchase now! And you can download the songs immediately after you purchase your bracelets, no need to wait until you receive them in the mail! Something like this has never been done before and has been a huge collective effort to get up and running…I’m very proud of the finished product. So come make music history with me!
Thank you so much for your continued support and may you enjoy these bracelets and songs as much as I enjoyed creating them for you:)
All the Best,
Alex Band

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We've All Been There


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