Before & After

7.1 86人评价

Carrie Newcomer / 2010-02-23


Before and After is the 12th Rounder release from singer-songwriter Carrie Newcomer. Focusing on change and transformation, this layered work is on one level an exploration of life with a progressive spiritual sensibility. On a second level, the listener is exposed to Newcomer's adept guitar work, soulful voice, and unique musicality which stays true to her folk roots, while at the same time allowing Appalachian and classical music to influence her body of work. Newcomer is known for her reflective, poignant lyrics, and this album proves no different. As an added bonus, the album features Mary Chapin Carpenter on the title track, "Before and After." The combination of two of acoustic music's most talented female vocalists is subtle and beautiful.

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Before and After


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