Yes We

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Ken / 2010-02-26


German band on a German label, hence the German notes (I can't actually
find any english ones). Anyway, the singing is in English, and the CD
is actually pretty good! Check it out! :)

Yes We的曲目列表

01. 21-21=21
02. Get A Life
03. Y.K.I.W.G.T.T.End.O.T.W.W.Y.
04. Women Who Love Men Who Take Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs To
05. I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead
06. Polecats
07. Reminder D
08. Dead As A Dodo
09. Pirates Vs. Ninjas Vs. Zombies Vs. Robots
10. Quitting Smoking Is Much Easier Than Quitting Talking

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