Come Down With Me

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Errors / 摇滚 / 2010-02-15


Following on from their highly acclaimed debut album ‘it’s not something it’s like whatever’ in June 2008, Errors return to exceptional form with ‘Come Down With Me’.
Released on Mogwai’s own label Rock Action Records, ‘Come Down With Me’ was recorded over the last 6 months in the bands’ very own, self-created studio in Glasgow. Known as ‘The Freezer’ (it’s pretty nippy by all accounts) this dank, vaguely depressing bunker-like space became the perfect environment to concentrate solely on the album.
Produced mainly by the band themselves, with added production from Steven Ward, the ideas for the album started to come together as they toured around Europe supporting Mogwai earlier his year. A tour with WhoMadeWho followed which led into the summer festivals including ATP, Green Man and Latitude. If you caught the band at any of these you may well have caught a few early incarnations of tracks on ‘Come Down With Me’ but post ‘The Freezer’, you’re unlikely to recognise them on record.
The first single will be ‘A Rumour In Africa’ on 7” & download, on February 15 followed by the album ‘Come Down With Me’ on March 1

Come Down With Me的曲目列表

1. Bridge Or Cloud? 5:12
2. A Rumor In Africa 4:04
3. Supertribe 3:46
4. Antipode 3:46
5. The Erskine Bridge 3:39
6. Sorry About The Mess 3:02
7. Germany 4:25
8. Jolomo 3:38
9. The Black Tent 3:05
10. Beards 5:51

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