Morning After Cuts

7.6 50人评价

Skybox / 19 January, 2010


Led by charismatic singer Tim Ellis, Skybox formed in Arizona before settling in Chicago in mid-2006. Their eclectic, melodic pop has garnered comparisons to The Flaming Lips, Of Montreal, Devo, and The Format.
"Just as their live performances have become near legendary... Morning After Cuts will only work to build the legend and respect for this quartet. Tim Ellis and Christian Fields, Mike Holtz and Dan Ingenthron have clearly matured, experienced, and learned over the last three years and have poured every ounce of knowledge and passion into this album. Ellis’ signature falsetto and provocative nature is in full force on each of these danceable tracks. He’s currently channeling a mixture of Bowie and Kevin Barnes (Of Montreall)"--The Deli

Morning After Cuts的曲目列表

1. Morning After Cuts
2. Light
3. Slipping
4. In a Dream
5. Buckets
6. Fences
7. Plastic Cups
8. Everyone Falls In
9. Trout

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