Progress No Progress

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La Corda / 2009


La Corda is composed of French and English band members:
Kate Fletcher,
Stéphane Corcoral and
Patrice Normand.
Progress No Progress is their debut album. Somewhere between ” Low “, ” Mogwai” and ” Portishead “, Progress No Progress stays true to the band’s original project: creating music that comes from deep down, music that surpasses each musician involved, miles away from any kind of career strategy.
No catchy FM tunes here then, but a highly charged atmosphere, hypnotic and sensitive.
La Corda’s sound is the confrontation of a delicate voice, dark guitars, a harmonium drone and polymorphic drums. Intimate stories are told of everyday life, nostalgia, the struggle for individual and collective freedoms, love, frustration, the violence of the world…
Just like ” La Corda’s ” concerts, the band’s recorded work is designed as a series of waves that will take each listener to a singular soundscape.

Progress No Progress的曲目列表

01 Before
02 Skin
03 Status Alone
04 An Estimation
05 One for the Road
06 End of Language
07 Progress No Progress
08 Sailor
09 Lullaby for Monkey
10 1993
11 The Edges of the Earth

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