Keep Your Teeth Sharp

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Mr Fogg / 2010-01-25


Mr Fogg will release the Keep Your Teeth Sharp E.P at the end of the
Available digitally and as a 4-track CD, the E.P includes two exclusive
b-sides as well as a string ensemble remix of the lead track by the
Icelandic composer lafur Arnalds.
Keep Your Teeth Sharp, which is taken from Mr Foggs forthcoming debut
album Moving Parts, is co-produced by Valgeir Sigursson and is the
result of recording sessions at the producers Greenhouse Studios in
Reykjavik in 2009.
Pretty good, check it out.

Keep Your Teeth Sharp的曲目列表

01. Keep Your Teeth Sharp 3:36
02. Whispers 3:31
03. Keep Your Distance 1:21
04. Keep Your Distance (Olafur Arnalds Remix) 3:29


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