Blanket Of Ash

7.7 24人评价

Jatun / 2010-03-09


Vinyl-only LP pressing of this 2010 release from the Portland-based Electronic/Shoegaze/Dream Pop outfit. When Jatun's eponymous debut dropped in 2007, Dream Pop enthusiasts and headphone purists alike were astounded by its thoughtfully detailed songs and meticulous textures. Subtle, distinct variations embedded in teeming walls of sound egged them on for a louder-than-loud listen. And there was just no denying the nuanced cycles of swarming and disintegrating buzz; conduits for robot melodies.

Blanket Of Ash的曲目列表

Blanket of Ash
Try Me, Mental-A
Overhead The Air Waves
The King of Nostalgia
Circuit Eater
The Thin

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