Dark Sanctuary

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Dark Sanctuary / 2010-01-15


This is a stunning location of hystorical and Artistical value to start with, disregarding the symbol in itself of a church and whatever your religious beliefs.
Have a look to this bunch of shots to get at least a little idea of how this event looked like
Now, December 2009, we are just approaching release date for their new album, s/t "Dark Sanctuary".
This we can define as a 2-Artists project, with world famous Spanish illustrator Victoria Francés doing all he visuals and Dark Sanctuary obviously doing all the music.
"Dark Sanctuary" will be available through Victoria's books publishing company as a 48 pages (colors) 17x24 size book, while Avantgarde Music will handle all the CD physical and audio digital distribution official DARK SANCTUARY website http://www.dark-sanctuary.com

Dark Sanctuary的曲目列表

1. Ame de Décembre
2. Sous les neiges éternelles
3. Omnes fluctus tui
4. L’hiver est fini
5. Fin de vie
6. Enfantement
7. Orpheline
8. Lullaby
9. Le tribunal
10. Le cachot
11. Le chemin vers la délivrance
12. Incomprise

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