Luck in the Valley

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Jack Rose / 2010-02-23


Jack Rose, versatile master of the guitar. --New York Times
Luck in the Valley is the 10th album from Jack Rose. The album continues the exploration of pre-war American music with a set of brand new material featuring The Black Twig Pickers, Glenn Jones, Harmonica Dan and Hans Chew along with a handful of solo pieces. This recording set out to capture the energy and feel of the classic three-track shack recordings by the Wray Brothers & Mordicai Jones. Luck in the Valley was written and recorded over a period of 9 months and finds Rose employing new themes and techniques.

Luck in the Valley的曲目列表

1. Blues For Percy Danforth
2. Lick Mountain Ramble
3. Woodpiles On the Side of the Road
4. When Tailgate Drops, the Bullshit Stops
5. Moon In the Gutter
6. Luck In the Valley
7. Saint Louis Blues
8. Tree In the Valley
9. Everybody Ought To Pray Sometime
10. West Coast Blues

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