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Omarion / 2010-01-12


Grammy® - nominated entertainer Omarion makes his long awaited return to the scene with his third studio album, Ollusion Throughout each record on the forthcoming release, Omarion showcases his growth as an artist and entertainer. Omarion is back with an updated sound and truly consistent album that proves he has grown up, as his fans have. The triple threat known for his vocal, dancing and acting abilities, penned and co-produced all of the songs on Ollusion. Producers who collaborated on the album include Tank, King, Detail and 253, among others; along with guest appearances by Gucci Mane and Fabolous. The premiere single, "I Get It In," has Omarion reuniting with producer Tank (responsible for title track and first single "O" on the last album). The song is an up-tempo banger featuring Southern rapper Gucci Mane. "My style has evolved so much on this album - I was able to express truly who I am from a creative and artistic standpoint, which allowed me to share a personal side of myself with my fans through my music. This is my masterpiece and I can't wait for the world to hear my new album," Omarion said. "I am very excited about my new home at EMI and know that this is the perfect opportunity for me to return to the charts."


I Get It In Feat. Gucci Mane






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