The Family Jewels

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Marina & the Diamonds / 流行 / 2010-02-22


2010 debut album from Welsh/Greek Pop songstress Marina Diamandis. Marina is living, breathing, belting, vogue-ing proof of the damn-near unfathomable possibilities contained within organic pop in 2010. She's the complete songwriter/performer. 50% Greek, 50%Welsh, 100% frolicking fairytale creature. A girl with virtually no musical schooling, for whom heart scorching choruses miraculously seem to appear at the tips of her fingers with each increasingly preposterous limb fling. A voice that both lures sailors to shores and wards ships from rocks. A mind that hacks apart the fabric of Now and serves it up in an ice-cream sundae for all to guzzle down. A performer whose onstage movement has been reminding lackluster gig-goers across the land the true meaning of 'show time'. Some of the greatest should-be British smash hits this side of the Millennium aside, Marina just has it.

The Family Jewels的曲目列表

1 Are You Satisfied?
2 Shampain
3 I Am Not a Robot
4 Girls
5 Mowgli's Road
6 Obsessions
7 Hollywood
8 The Outsider
9 Hermit The Frog
10 Oh No!
11 Rootless
12 Numb
13 Guilty

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