Open Doors, Closed Windows

7.7 27人评价

Disco Inferno / 摇滚 / 1991


Nice early 90's post-punk. The vocals are the real let-down, generally sounding just like slightly melodic mumbled talking. The music is pretty great though, up until the second half, when it rather tapers of and ends up losing itself half a mark. Definitely a worthwhile listen, though it could have been better.

Open Doors, Closed Windows的曲目列表

1 Emigre 4:41
2 Interference 4:33
3 Leisuretime 3:37
4 Set Sail 5:47
5 Hope to God 1:43
6 Freethought 5:31
7 Bleed Clean 3:27
8 Next in Line 5:04
9 Incentives 3:30

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