360 Degrees

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Cipher / 说唱 / 1995


3) Canadian-based hip hop duo whose album 360 Degrees came to prominance on the Canadian scene in the mid-90s.
Cipher is producer Clean, providing an atmospheric blend of smokey jams, late-night jazz and ambient synths whilst rapper G2, brings true microphone talent to the mix.
Vancouver-based Cipher breathes new life into a hip-hop world run-down by repetitive styles, and played-out gimmicks. The duo, consisting of Clean (producer/engineer) and G² (lyricist/DJ), have been cutting tracks together since 1991. Clean and G² first hooked up during some late night studio sessions in Boston, where the two we attending college to study music. After obtaining his degree from Boston’s world-renowned Berklee College of Music, Clean established his own production company and fully equipped 24-track studio in Vancouver and the two continued to work on their material. Cipher’s independent debut single & video ‘Peeps’ released in 1995 proved that the combination of G²’s fierce lyrics and Clean’s manipulation behind the boards would be successful. The video for ‘Peeps’ landed the #2 position on MuchMusic’s RAP CITY and the record received plenty of airplay on Canada’s Radio Hip-Hop Shows. The group has never taken shortcuts in creating it’s music, and the full length album 360° is proof of this. Containing a total of 16 tracks the album features guest appearances by several members of the Cipher family including; Sleep, Natural Skills, Pele Stoane, Precise and XL

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