Engaged Touches

8.2 16人评价

Celer / 电子 / 2009-04-17


Anything one now hears by Celer, including Engaged Touches, carries with it the sadness of Danielle Baquet-Long's untimely passing. Nevertheless, the “sound paintings” collected on their Home Normal recording are as ravishing as anything else the group has released. Engaged Touches proves once again that the Celer sound transcends a single descriptor—“ambient” is too limiting, “collagistic” suggests a patchwork quality the group's carefully-woven settings lack, “minimalism” understates the plenitude of materials a given piece presents—so one is best to think of it as a hybrid of all such tendencies.

Engaged Touches的曲目列表

Part 1 (26:03)
1.1 A Once And Meaningful Life
1.2 Remaining Stretches
1.3 Separations And Reactions
1.4 Doubts Of Words
1.5 Unless They Were Beautiful
Part 2 (40:33)
2.1 What Our Mouths Make Them
2.2 Hanging Herself On The Lonely Fifth Colum (Gramophones That Remind Us Of What Sounds Once Were)
2.3 Openings Of Love (Fireworks)
2.4 Extended Sways Of Silence

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