Romance Is Boring

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Los Campesinos / 2010-02-01

Romance Is Boring的曲目列表

1 In Medias Res
2 There Are Listed Buildings
3 Romance Is Boring
4 We’ve Got Your Back (Documented Minor Emotional Breakdown #2)
5 Plan A
6 200-102
7 Straight In at 101
8 Who Fell Asleep In
9 I Warned You: Do Not Make an Enemy of Me
10 Heart Swells / 100-1
11 I Just Sighed. I Just Sighed, Just So You Know
12 A Heat Rash in the Shape of the Show Me State; Or, Letters From Me to Charlotte
13 The Sea Is a Good Place of Think of the Future
14 This Is a Flag. There Is No Wind
15 Coda: A Burn Scar in the Shape of the Sooner State

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