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Sam Reynolds / 2009


sam reynolds is a 22 year old singer-songwriter from the new York state in America. he's played in illustrious venues in London, irrelevant coffeehouses in New York, and any number of only-just-relevant bars and clubs in Charleston, South Carolina (among others). critical and popular acclaim has followed sam's young career in abundance. we, the people at samreynoldsmusic both encourage and appreciate this.
recently, he recorded his first studio album, entitled "sam reynolds I", in Los Angeles with the aid of one brian t. moore (producer/engineer/mixer) and one derek cournoyer, sam's beloved french-canadian manager.
now residing in and around New York City, sam continues to write and record material, as well as play in reputable venues throughout these united states of America.
sam's creative influences include primatology, astrophysics, elliott smith, the philosophy of the universe, biology of the planet earth, depression, anxiety, psychosis, larry levis, small villages, the color green, and the very strange matter of self-aware matter.


1. home (1:45)
2. a radio address (2:29)
3. fugitive (3:53)
4. caroline (3:17)
5. the last time i saw you (3:26)
6. harmonium (2:55)
7. a brief reply II (4:28)
8. love and science (3:53)
9. i know it's not much (2:55)
10. edge of water / the end (4:02)






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