The Road - Original Film Score

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Nick Cave / Warren Ellis / 原声 / 2010-01-04


The Road follows the premise from the book of the same name. An unnamed father (Mortensen) and his young son (Smit-McPhee) struggle to survive after an unspecified apocalypse and make their way toward the coast for possible food, shelter, safety, or to potentially find other survivors of the cataclysmic events. Along the way, they encounter grave struggles and hardships across the barren landscapes, with scarce shelter and resources available to them, and having to avoid bands of cannibals and other desperate gangs looking to pillage valuables and food. Various flashback sequences occur where the Man remembers events prior to the catastrophe, many involving his deceased wife, who has a much more expanded role in the film than in the original book.
Original material by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis.

The Road - Original Film Score的曲目列表

01. Home (2:04)
02. The Road (3:41)
03. Storytime (2:25)
04. The Cannibals (2:05)
05. Water And Ash (1:31)
06. The Mother (2:46)
07. The Real Thing (2:32)
08. Memory (3:42)
09. The House (3:17)
10. The Far Road (2:45)
11. The Church (1:34)
12. The Journey (4:14)
13. The Cellar (1:09)
14. The Bath (2:31)
15. The Family (3:42)
16. The Beach (3:45)
17. The Boy (3:11)

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